Trevia region (tray-VEE-ah, Nivian: トレヴィア区域, Torevia-kuiki) is a large and populous political region including these counties: Uziva (Uchiwa), Vetia (Viet), Phaena (Huayin), Jorgion (Jukseong) and Yamato, all of which are Aesian countries.


Trevia is a region of the continent Aesia. Five countries of this region belong to the Trevia Bloc (トレヴィア塊, Torevia-kai).

Trevia is located at the east of the continent Aesia, bordering Federal Republic of Razia, Republic of Bangal, Republic of Usteria, Kingdom of Undia and the Abesificia Ocean.

Countries in the regionEdit

Empire of Uchiwa (Uziva)Edit

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Empire of YamatoEdit

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Empire of Huayin (Phaena)Edit

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Vetia (Viet)Edit

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Kingdom of Jorgion (Juksung)Edit

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