• This work only contains Vietnamese.
  • Everything is okay, EXCEPT turning main character Azuma gay, turning others allowed.
  • The characters can be original or based on some manga or novel character.
  • Feel free to add your characters.



Kagurazaka Azuma is the only son of Kagurazaka Co. Association's President Kazuhiko. His father arranges an omiai with the granddaughter of Kitamura Oil Association's President Mikado, Nagi. Studies at Takeda Sr. High, sophomore.

Azuma's Girlfriend candidatesEdit

Hajime Sr. HighEdit


Sakon Eri, the first crush of Azuma when he was fourteen. She is the daughter of Azuma's father's friend, Sakon Shigeo. Attended the same school with Azuma at the age of 14, Fujita Jr. High. Currently studies at Hajime Sr. High, sophomore. Golden Hair, Blue Eyes.

Katsu Sr. HighEdit


Akatsu Riko, the poor girl who fell victim of her former best friend Lara. She now only believes her best friend Yui. Freshman of Katsu Sr. High. Red orange Hair, Brown Eyes.


Kikkawa Yui, Riko's best friend. She saves Riko from their friend Lara. Yui loves Riko, not as a friend but as a lover. Freshman of Katsu Sr. High. Dark Hair, Black Eyes.


Koukita Rin, the descendant of Koukita Mage House. She learned mahou from her uncle, Kirei. Katsu Sr.High, sophomore.

Takeda Sr. HighEdit


Wakakitami Botan, the young heiress of Wakakitami Association. She is one of Azuma's female friends in Takeda Sr.High, sophomore. Blue Hair, Brown Eyes.


Kuzuki Naruko, the descendant of Iga Ninja Kuzuki House. She learned ninjutsu from her father, Ryouga. Takeda Sr.High, freshman.


Shibata Kozue, the newcomer at Azuma's class. Under her innocent appearance is always perverted thoughts. Takeda Sr.High, sophomore.

Saitou Sr. HighEdit


Manabe Kahoko, the young beautiful violin player at Saitou Sr. High, sophomore. Dark red Hair, Golden Eyes.


Ayanokouji Shouko, the underclassman who admires her sempai Kahoko so much. Saitou High, freshman. Green Hair, Brown Eyes.


Shimoda Nami, the member of Saitou Sr.High's Press Club, and a sophomore. She likes teasing Kahoko (only to hide her feelings for Kahoko). Light brown Hair, Blue Eyes.

Fubuki Sr. HighEdit


Soujou Sakuya, the cousin of Kitamura Nagi and her rival at the battle of Kitamura Mikado's fortune's candidates. Freshman of Fubuki Sr. High. Brown Hair, Green Eyes.


Daidouji Ranko, the energetic freshman at Fubuki Sr.High, and the daughter of Daidouji dojo's master, Enma.

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