Nenk (nənk, other spellings: Nenkjro nenk--roh, Nenjro, Nengro, Nengjro neng--roh, Nengijro neng-GIRR-roh) was the creator god worshipped by the Nemeans.

In his book Nemea: Myths of Creation, the Ellinic author Aigidios Heliados wrote:

"When the universe was made from Kharu (void), Nenk (birth) was the first to come. His breath brought air, and his tears the vast sea. He who made soil from the void, threw them to waters, built them large, named them islands. He who joint the floating isles formed the continent. Nemea as was named, came the first creature of the plane. He named it Daghon (breath), as we know the largest fire dragon."

In later myths, Nenk sacrificed himself to save his other children from Daghon's flame, and was later made the king of the Realm of the Dead by his youngest son, the sky god Thu'ar.

His children includes:

  • Daghon, the first fire dragon who would wreak havoc in the Nemean lands;
  • Marum, the first sea dragon;
  • Nenbha, the first feathered beast and a griffin;
  • Rho'os, the first leathered beast and a tiger;
  • Narhon, the first sun god, who rebelled against his father;
  • Nazhen, the goddess of the stars, twin sister of Narhon;
  • Nemri, the second sun god;
  • Nemra, the goddess of the moon, twin sister of Nemri;
  • Tu'ur, the god of the soil;
  • Ka'al, the goddess of the seawater;
  • Makha'ar, the goddess of harvest;
  • Jul'al, the goddess of birth;
  • Thu'ar, the god of sky;

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