Personal name Posthumous name Period of reign Regnal names Reigning years Note(s)
Kagura Motochika Kouzo 02.ALD.2882 - 2931 Fubu 49
02.ALD.2931-2933 Rebellion of the Seven Lords
Kagura Kageakira -- 02.ALD.2933-2947 Taihei 14
Kagura Motochika-no-Kurou -- 02.ALD.2948-2971 Gempei 23
Kagura Saotome-no-Katsuhiko -- 02.ALD.2971-2972 1 Reigning only in 5 months
02.ALD.2972-2981 Saotome Pretenders
Kagura Satomi-no-Ukyou -- 02.ALD.2981-3017 Senshou 14
TBD (ALD.3017-[ALD.3046=AGW.0]-AGW.290)
Kagura Kyoujuurou 03.AGW.290-305 Kihei 15
Kagura Benkei 03.AGW.305 - 306 -- 0 Reigning only in 6 months
Kagura Kouichi 03.AGW.306-308 Senryuu 2

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