List of characters in The King of Chaos.

Main charactersEdit

Kirihara Sakuya
The fourth son of Sakura Kohaku, paternal half-brother of Ataru and Shouko. Despite a man, he was said to be more beautiful than his sister Shouko, even Meguru Yui the Calm still mistook him for a woman.
Nagato Shouko
The 17th daughter of Sakura Kohaku, paternal half-sister of Sakuya and Ataru. She was the deputy of the Shieisa monastery in the Ryofu city.

Other charactersEdit

Continent of AesiaEdit

Trevia regionEdit

Empire of UchiwaEdit

Father of future King Kounou and future Emperor Senryuu.
After Emperor Kihei died of illness, 14-year-old prince Benkei became the emperor of Uchiwa.
The Young Emperor (King Kounou) reigned only for 6 months before he was forced to abdicate by Tousaka Kyousuke. The imperial court supported the younger brother of the Young Emperor to ascend as the new emperor.

Kagura clan (State of Saishoku)
More known as the Emperor Senryuu - Kagura Kouichi. After her ascension, she can see through how Tousaka Kyousuke and Hagi Ryoutarou planned to use her as a puppet to reign her empire as their own, Hikaru helped Hiroko escape and brought her to the Tashima Castle.
He claimed to be a descendant of a former emperor of the Kagura dynasty.

Sakura clan (State of Tougo)
Formerly known as Sakurazuka Kohaku, the lord of Sakura province.

Hagi clan (State of Hokugi)
An old courtier in the imperial court. He was the adoptive father of Takada Kagehiko.
Formerly Takada Kagehiko, the lord of Gigara province. He was the father of Hagi Ryoutarou and the paternal uncle of Takada Makoto and Takada Fuchiko.

Tousaka clan (State of Sakugoku)
Lord of Yanagi province.

Ryuuzaki clan (State of Radon)
Formerly Kagurazaki Hyou, the lord of Tousa province.

Enjuu clan (State of Shagoku)
Lord of Toukyou province.

Kousonryuu clan (State of Yakoku)
Formerly Kousa Sanjirou, the lord of Hakuba province.
Sakuma clan (State of Magi)
The lord of Shishi province.

Hinata clan

Vassals of Sakuma clan

The lord of Dazai province.

Asaie clan (State of Poetokoku)

Wakaba clan

Vassals of Asaie clan

The lord of Genbu province.
Shishiou clan (State of Nanvan)

Other clans
Ichimura clan
Yamanouchi clan
Higurashi clan
Joath clan
Shao Private Military Company
Daughter of Siu Fung the Elder. After her mother's death, Siu, along with her clan's vassals, arrived to Uchiwa and worked as mercenaries.
Younger brother of Siu Fung the Elder and uncle of Siu Fung the Younger. His loyalty to the Siu clan was unwavered.
A vassal of the Siu clan.
A vassal of the Siu clan.
A famous archer. She was the heroine of all the Kingdom of Fajin.
Yagi clan
As the head of the Yagi clan, he was the most influencing man amongst the clan. The strongest disciple in 200 years of the Yagi school.
As the fifth son of Masanobu, he was dissatisfied with his father's decision to prefer his incompetent older brother Aokatsu as the heir and rebelled. He founded the Nori-Yagi branch to protest the main branch.
The son and younger child of Masanori.
The daughter and older child of Masanori, older sister of Mitsuyoshi.
The eldest son of Masanobu. He was chosen by his father as his heir and the new head of the Yagi clan but a lot of problems occured when his younger brother Yagi Masanori rebelled and founded the Nori-Yagi branch.
The son and older child of Aokatsu.
The daughter and younger child of Aokatsu, younger sister of Aoyoshi.
Akuma Party
Phoenix Mitsumori.
Dragon Junzaburou.
Tiger Hideyoshi.
Younger sister of Hidetaka.
Cousin of Mitsumori.
Saitera Company
Fukuoka Tigers


Kingdom of EttEdit

Clan Liễu

Empire of YammaEdit


Kingdom of FajinEdit

Kingdom of JukEdit

Continent of AeroEdit

Aeronian UnionEdit

Republic of NapolaEdit

Republic of AuturEdit

Democratic Republic of BaltiqueEdit

Kingdom of ScandinaveEdit

Continent of AemerEdit

Confederation of the North Aemerian NationsEdit

Confederation of the Central and South Aemerian NationsEdit

Continent of AefrikeEdit

Republic of CamerEdit

Empire of AikyprosEdit


Lord of All Heavens
The supreme ruler of the All Heavens.
The godly machine of the Lord to punish his opponents.

Four War GodsEdit

Four war gods having the domain on fire, water, thunder and wind.

Kan'u, Thunder God
Ryofu, Wind Goddess
Shukuyū, Fire Goddess
Gentoku, Water Goddess

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