The Chestrian Empire is a political entity that was established after the ascension of King Edward IV of Chestra, who made the first invasion in 200 years of its existance to the neighbour countries such as Betha-North— the last remnant of the Four Bethadoms— and Eltilda— the old kingdom in the north.

Kiyama dynasty Edit

  • Eduardo I
    • Septimius I
      • Septimius II
        • Septimius III
      • Eduardo II
        • Reynold I
          • Reynold II
            • Franciscus I
            • Alexander I
              • Reynold III
                • Eduardo III
                  • Eduardo IV
                  • Eduardo V
                    • Franciscus II
                      • Franciscus III
                        • Alexander II
                          • Alexander III
                        • Eduardo VI
                      • Franciscus IV
                  • Princess Joanna, 1st Duchess of Willes
                    • Princess Anna of Willes
                      • Joanna I
    • Prince Rhaynar, 1st Archduke of Randt
      • Prince Rhaynar, 2nd Archduke of Randt
        • Prince Rhaynar of Randt
          • Rhaynar Kiyama-Speakes IV
            • Marne Kiyama-Speakes
              • Roydan Cassius, 1st Viscount Cassius
                • Roydan Cassius, 2nd Viscount Cassius
                  • Roydan Cassius, 3rd Viscount Cassius
                    • Roydan Cassius, 4th Viscount Cassius
                      • Roydan Cassius, 5th Viscount Cassius
                        • Roydan I

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