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Welcome to the King of Chaos WikiEdit


Welcome to the King of Chaos worlds!

Today is Wednesday, 23 May 2018. The time now is UTC 06:00.

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This Wikia is about the characters and subjects on a fictional omniverse. The Wikia's name is taken from one of the major universes, King of Chaos.

What to do here?Edit

You can start by creating a storyline for your original characters, based on the pages that are already here.

Where should I begin?Edit

First of all, the King of Chaos world!

It's the original concept of this wikia, the world of Chaos, where the powerful people fight each other and the common folks suffer, just like our real life counterparts.


It will be not that different from Hell, I asure you!

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Add a new character page


It's just a placeholder!

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