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Julia Martini

Julia Martini (full image here).

  • Name: Julia Augusta Scaevola Cornelia Ulpia Martini (most refered as Julia Martini)
  • Age: 18
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Class: (Usually) Master
  • Looks Like: A slim Caucasian girl with long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. Usually wears a traditional toga with the crest of her ancestor (the Julii)
  • Likes: cute little animals, disciplines, being dominant in a relationship
  • Hates: poverty, stubborness, being treated like a child
  • Biography: The Julii were one of the most famous clans dated from the era of Reman Empire, which ruled the ancient Rema one thousand years ago. Martini clan is one of many amongst the clans descended from Rema claiming their descent from the Julii through a patrician branch, the Julii Martini. Living in luxury since the day she was born, Julia was well known as an arrogant chick who always used her parents' influence to force the neighbour children to do whatever she wanted. Although the Neo Party, which Paolo Martini--Julia's father--devoted almost all of his life as one of its founding members, went out of the population's favour, Julia is still one of the most influencing people in her country due to her overgrowing business. At the age of 22, she decides to get into the slavery, which makes her life change forever.