Gold silkworms are a species of mystic oddities which has the appearance similar to a gold-color silkworm. They are covered with a thin and disposable layer of real gold, which acts as their protection (like crust on crabs or lobsters) against predators.

The Curse of Gold-Silkworms Edit

The Curse of Gold-Silkworms is a folktale which can be traced back to the Sixth Age's 1800s, when a Western alchemist gave a mystic chest to a couple of Eastern fisherman elders who rescued her from a shipwreck. The alchemist's chest was later revealed to contain a silkworm which was covered in gold. The alchemist died some weeks after her rescue, not before leaving some instructions to the couple how a silkworm should be handled.

The husband, who was crazed for the gold that the silkworm provided to the couple, decided to divorce his current wife and marry a daughter of a local official to solidate his rights over the silkworm.

Unfortunately, the silkworm only realized the wife as its rightful owner due to the fact she were the only one who had been present when its previous owner-- the alchemist-- died. The silkworm reversed all of its magic to make the husband's assets turn to other people, masked as natural causes such as setting the husband new house on fire, making him drown into a mess gambling and debt, and finally had to sell out his wife and daughter to a brothel to save him out of loansharks.

The versions of this story varied sources to sources after this point; in one version the fisherman wife helped the official's daughter (the fisherman husband's new wife) and her daughter out of the brothel and provided them a place to live, in another version the former wife was the one who planned all of her former husband's doom and finally his death by a group of loanshark thugs, etc.

The story generally did not provide the fate of the silkworm afterwards, although all of the recorded versions kept the part that the silkworm continued to serve the fisherman wife until her death and her own daughter (in some other versions, her step-daughter) buried a chest (assuming that it contained the gold-silkworm) in the depths of the sea (in some other versions, a deepest cave in one of the mountains near her house).

The ending served as a hint that the gold-silkworm was still out there, that successfully rose the greed of the local gold diggers for hundreds of years later.

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