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  • Name: Elizabeth Momo Belial
    E M Belial

    Momo Belial (full image here).

  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Female
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Class: Switch
  • Looks Like: A slim Caucasian girl with short brownish red hair (please pretend her hair is brownish red) and dark blue eyes (again, just pretend her eyes are dark blue, since actual dark-blue eyes may be seen as purple eyes). Usually has two small flowers on her hair.
  • Likes: plants, docile boys, cute little things
  • Hates: pervertedness, perverted boys, ignorant people
  • Biography: Her original name was Elizabeth Belial, but when her favourite teacher, Riko Martha Yuuki inspired her with her love for Japan, her motherland, she decided to make her own Japanese name, Momo (for "peach", a fruit which her teacher liked and comes from Momotaro, her favourite Japanese folklore character). Her father, Lucius Belial, is the head of the family and also Duke of Veliland, in the west of Marcia. He wants her to study more in politics since he wants this daughter of his to be a proud next head of House Belial. Unfortunately, she fell in love with Eastern cultures and is excited about agricultural aspect. She even wants to run a farm by herself. One way or another, Lucius persuades her to learn more about aristocracy to understand her father's problem a bit so that she can replace his position in near future. Despite that, Momo is still much interested in running a farm, and ends up telling that to a strange man, who is also secretly a slave trader in the neighbourhood Lalaland. And her life may be not so peaceful as before, since this certain man wants to sell this naive girl into another country's duke who is dreaming about conquering Veliland as the first step to dominate all of Marcia.