This page is about the entity on the Reality 00014. For entities from other realities, see Eduardo Kiyama.

Eduardo Hiroto Kiyama was born a bastard son of Reynold Speakes, who was actually a member of Chestrian royalty. He was actively a researcher in the island country Onigawa.


Hiroto & Hitomiko

Hiroto and Kira Hitomiko, his older cousin.

Eduardo was born Hiro Speakes into Reynold Speakes and Kira Kirika in SMA.126 in Iwine, Chestria. The boy Hiro was left to live with his mother under the name Kira Hiroto in Nogi, Onigawa until her supposed death.

Then thirteen-year-old Hiro was taken to his maternal aunt Fudou Ami and raised alongside with his cousin Hitomiko (Ami's niece through her brother Kira Kyousuke). Two years after that (SMA.141), Hiro was adopted by a woman named Kawashima Suika (who, unknown to the fifteen-year-old Hiro until several years later, was an adoptive sister of his mother, due to Kirika had been adopted into the Kiyama family). Taking his adoptive grandfather's surname (Kiyama), his name was officially changed to Kiyama Hiroto and he began to live in the Kiyama family in Kiyama Village, Igo.

Hiroto later attended Kingley Academy and lived in its dormitory in Aqua until SMA.151.

Names and epithetsEdit

Hiro SpeakesEdit

Hiro Speakes was his Chestrian birth name. Speakes was the surname given to children of the members of Chestrian royal house Speakes without official status and inheritance to the Chestrian throne. Hiro was a Chestrian variant of Hero, and Hiro itself was an uncommon given name among Chestrians.

Kira HirotoEdit

Kira Hiroto was the first of his Onigawanese names. Kira was his mother's maiden name before adoption to the Kiyama family, and Hiroto was a Onigawanese variant of his Chestrian birth name.

Kiyama HirotoEdit

Kiyama Hiroto was the second and last of his Onigawanese names. Kiyama was his mother's adopted surname and his adoptive mother's maiden name.


Eduardo was Hiroto's Aquanian name when he applied to change his nationality in Aqua. In Kingley's student profile, Hiroto's name was recorded as KIYAMA, Eduardo H.. His friends usually called him "Ed".


Ed Hime1


In a costume party in Kingley in Autumn of SMA.144, Hiroto dressed as a girl and confused many students so that his fans later called him Hime, an Onigawanese term for "princess", usually suffix to the name of a highborn lady.


Despite being an Onigawanese-born boy, Hiroto's hair was red, which was a strange sign in a country which black hair and brown hair covered 90% of population. Because of that, in his first year (SMA.143144), many students called him names and others tried to bully him. It was only for Hiroto being an active learner in ability control that he could stop this trend. Despite that, one of his nicknames remained until his graduation, "Redhead".

Hiroto, at first, thought this feature was from his father's descent but later found out the true reason which was actually because his mother had Callinian descent (her mother being Kira Masako, a descendant of the Callinian king, Septim II).


It was not actually an epithet he's earned, but rather a self-proclaimed one. He was popularly known as a researcher of his eponymous laboratory Eduardoan Lab in Onigawa, but unknown to majority of the world, a world traveller. His ability "reality warp" type gained himself a power to literally tear through the space and send himself or anything that he wanted to another dimension, or universe. He was practically an interdimension being.


In the first meeting to another Eduardo Kiyama of a universe which he named "Reality 00916", the other Eduardo eventually asked for his permission to call him "14", which he agreed despite being surprised for that naming. He did not reveal the reason why he named his original universe "Reality 00014" to the other Eduardo in their first meeting, but in later times, he showed a recorded video that he discovered that his ability could help him send a mass of thing into another universes at his age of 14. The conclusion, however, which the other Eduardo reached that was because of this discovery, was not denied or accepted by Hiroto himself.

"Grandson of Kira Shousuke"Edit

This was another self-proclaimed epithet that he chose to depict his difference in descent compared to many other Eduardos who were descended from Kiyama Yukimura.


Wind controlEdit

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Franciscus V
King of Chestria
Wendice Florence
Duchess of Florence
Kira Shousuke
of Onigawa
Kira Masako
of Onigawa
Reynold III
King of Chestria
Kiyama Kirika
of Onigawa
Eduardo H. Kiyama
of Onigawa

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Shirakawa Sayori

Shirakawa Sayori, Ed's childhood friend in Kiyama Village.

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