The gens Diabola was the prominent clan who ruled the Empire of Inferno. The empire was traditionally ruled by seven Magni reges ("great kings"), amongst which was one Imperator ("emperor") who was chosen as the representative and leader of the other six. Their six families Diaboli Reges, Diaboli Principes, Diaboli Duces, Diaboli Marchiones, Diaboli Comites, and Diaboli Praesides dominated the nobility as an aristocratic power named Ordo diabolici ("Order of the Devils"), which strangely included also Furcas Diabolus Miles, a member of the lower-ranked family Diaboli Milites.
Fire Lizard

A fire lizard with dinosaur-like features, a symbol of Inferno.

The later gens Zabolatica claimed to descend from Diabola and its first known man, Nero Zabolaticus Bael, founded the reign of Kingdom of Zabolatica and became its first king.

Ordo diaboliciEdit

The first Ordo diabolici ("Order of the Devils") includes several members from the six patrician families, with the exception of Furcas, who came from the plebeian Diaboli Milites. This order, however, has only seventy-two official seats, with some exceptions including Pruflas, who was originally a numbered member of the unofficial order (as the fourth member).

Magni reges and Primus ministerEdit

Some important figures of the Infernal Empire such as Lucifugus, the first Primus minister ("prime minister"), or the Magni reges ("great kings") Asmodeus (son of Sidoneus), Baalzebul and Baalphegor (the peers of Baal and Berithus) were sometimes thought as unofficial members of the order. Though, they were referred as the Primus minister (for Lucifugus' case) and the Magni reges (Lucifer, Leviathan, Asmodeus, Baalzebul, Baalphegor, Mammon and Sathanus).

The great kings were:

Though later, due to the decline of power of Baalphegor and Mammon, and the supposed "death" of Sathanus, the great kings remained:

  • Lucifer (Imperator);
  • Asmodeus;
  • Baalzebul; and
  • Leviathan.

The prime minister of the empire was Lucifugus. The commander-in-chief, direct subordinate to Sathanus and later Lucifer, was Satanachia.

Magni dominiEdit

Magni domini were the four cardinal rulers under the reign of the Magni reges as direct subordinates of the Primus minister.

The first four to be chosen were:

After Asmodeus' rise to power, his father Sidonaeus, former subordinates of Corson (Beleth) and Gaap (Belial) became the new rulers:

In some uncertain time, the four rulers were:

Third list:

  • Sidoneus of the East;
  • Paimon of the West;
  • Ariton of the North; and
  • Amaimon of the South.

Fourth list:

  • Bael of the East;
  • Paimon of the West;
  • Ariton of the North; and
  • Amaimon of the South.

These two lists below might have been titles, or replacement of the four principal rulers:

Fifth list:

Sixth list:

  • Oriens of the East;
  • Paimon of the West;
  • Ariton of the North; and
  • Amaimon of the South.

Members of the gensEdit

Diaboli SathaniEdit

  • Diabolus Sathanus, the unnamed and only known original member of the family. Sathanus was sometimes noted to be called Dominus ("Master") by Lucifer, Optimus ("the Best") by Leviathan and Maximus ("the Greatest") by Mammon, but this might have been explained as their affections towards Sathanus;
  • Diabolus Sathanus Satanachia, adopted by Sathanus as the former's child, commander-in-chief of the empire's army.

Diaboli NoviEdit

Extra families that were adopted into the Diaboli Sathani.

Diaboli AngelaniEdit

Diaboli Stellae et AstraEdit

Diaboli RegesEdit

Diaboli Reges MagniEdit

Diaboli Reges et PraesidesEdit

Diaboli Reges et ComitesEdit

Diaboli PrincipesEdit

Diaboli Principes et PraesidesEdit

Diaboli Principes et ComitesEdit

Diaboli PraesidesEdit

Diaboli Praesides et ComitesEdit

Diaboli DucesEdit

Diaboli Duces et ComitesEdit

Diaboli MarchionesEdit

Diaboli Marchiones et ComitesEdit

Diaboli ComitesEdit

Diaboli VicecomitesEdit

  • Manja Diabolus Vicecomes

Diaboli BaronesEdit

  • Baalnyxlium Diabolus Baro
  • Hieronymus Diabolus Baro, son of Belial

Diaboli EquitesEdit

  • Jacobus Diabolus Eques
  • Novus Diabolus Eques
  • Verus Diabolus Eques

Diaboli MilitesEdit

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