AGW (abbreviation of After the Great War) was a year-numbering system used in the official documents featuring the years after the Trevian War (or Aeso-Aeronian War).

After the Great War eraEdit

This was the third era in the Kitrupa's Daisansekai, the background for the events in the series Daisansekai: Kitrupa's World. This era began from AGW.01, one year after the Trevian War (which ended in ALD.3046).

There were two main thoughts in the world:

  • One is that the Trevian war was at most an inter-continential war, or world war, which however severe and destructive was only an arm conflict. Said war did not contribute much to the relevant societies along with the globe's transistional process. Therefore, it was unnecessary to introduce a new year-numbering system for this event.
  • Another is, this war caused a huge transformation on both of the peoples in the Trevia and the involved countries, which specifically included ethnic-portional change in Uchiwa and the great migrations from the Aeronian countries. Therefore, this was a new era and needed a new year-numbering system.

On 12/09/ALD.3047, the Aemestican-leading United Nations signed the decisive agreement to use the new year-numbering system, "After the Great War" (abbr. "ABW"), in all of the official documents, including scientific, geological and historical texts. Since then, the year ALD.3046 was changed to AGW.00, ALD.3047 to AGW.01, and so on.


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